Monday, February 9, 2009

Sheriff Bergin to Arrest District Attorney Marquis according to Daily Astorian

That is, according to the Daily Astorian anyone who is doing something illegal can suffer legal sanctions, no one is above the law and if a district attorney is doing something illegal he can expect to be arrested by a sheriff in any county, even Clatsop.

So what if the rest of the story isn’t as interesting as the headline, it got people to stop, take a look, read the article and maybe slap down seventy-five cents for the paper. At least, that is what the Daily Astorian is betting on. While its stories have little content and can only win an award if running against its sister newspapers in competitions that its owner contributes monetarily to, the Daily A can boast of its superfluous headlines, causing one to look twice and even give it a hard third blink before a slow wag of the head shakes off the incredulous realization that the editors are once again trying to pass off their words as a full blown “news” story.

Kroger says LNG can be stopped … if the company transporting it does something illegal. That's it. A big, "Do you think?" to the Daily Astorian and a logical conclusion that one would think that Kroger’s argument is pretty weak as he goes in front of the Ninth Circuit Court. One would think Kroger would say something like going through the Ninth Circuit would delay the construction which could put the Bradwood project in a permanent downward spin, investors dropping out. But Kroger didn’t say anything like that. Wonder why?

Sidebar: Could be that going to the Ninth Circuit doesn’t stop anything. Appealing the FERC permit doesn’t stop Bradwood. The permit stands as granted until the end of the trial. The time line for appeals is notoriously long. In Raich vs Ashcroft, Raich appealed in March 2003. While the Ninth Circuit had a decision by December of 2003 their decision was appealed, first for reconsideration and then to the Supreme Court with a decision in July 2005.

How many headlines do you think the Daily A can pull out of a long recess like that? Kroger takes on USA? Kroger fights the good fight while economy tanks? What headlines will look the best to a governor wannabe? If Marquis becomes the next US Attorney for Oregon will he continue writing for the Daily Astorian? Some say he'll have to given what he'll be making. When VandenHuevel took over for Foster the quality of articles went down in the Daily Astorian regarding LNG. VandenHuevel doesn’t do quite the job Foster did but Webb is the same old sloppy editor never catching poor research or letting little white lies slip through in the interest of saving a headline.

What kind of headlines do we have to look forward to in the future? Astoria Set to Slide Into River (if the Cascadia subduction zone starts shaking things up). Clatsop County will burn to the ground (if predictions for rising temperatures hold true). Webb’s fingertips must itch at all the stories he has had to bypass because of his paper’s commitment to Forrester’s warped philosophies and debts.

DA Uses Pubic Office to Oust County Commissioner was a headline that Webb had to have wept at passing up. Sheriff’s Secret Service Keep Dossiers, Private Citizens Probed by Agents, another one he had to let go. Democrats Paranoid Elite Control the Party Line, No one’s crossing; Jewell Witch Hunt: Season Open; Sheriff Closes Shelter, tells freeloaders to go home; the list of real headlines that Webb passed on is immeasurable.

Truth is more bizarre than fiction. The stories the Daily Astorian is keeping in its vault are much more interesting and factual than the sensational lies they make up to keep control over the local populace and vote. Too bad for those who want to know the truth, too bad for those revolted by human hubris, too bad for those whose lives have been destroyed by lies. But what the hell, it’s all just entertainment.