Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Der Kampf In Klatsop

Ludwig Richter – Fight with the Dragon

While many are defined by what they support, there are a few that are known, almost exclusively, by what they oppose.

Fascist: noun, defined by what s/he opposes, namely individualism, rationalism, capitalism, criticism and conservatism.

Opposes: corporations, industries, individual endeavor.

Supports: significant government control over business, labor, media, individual liberties.

Strives for: the common good, the greater good, as defined by them.

Watching it in action: on the steps of public building and in the classroom, where Fascists accost one and all with a litany of lies, speaking to press they can control, savagely attacking opposing ideas.

When in the middle of a "war" the theory is to make the "other" subhuman. By doing so it becomes "okay" to viciously attack those who are not as "human" as you are. After all, they "deserve" to be attacked, they aren't human.

Fascists are humans. They do not deserve to be viciously attacked. They deserve to be identified. The public deserves to be fully informed and deserves to know information is being kept from them. No allusions to conspiracies, nor vague hints of scandal or gossip. Proof of actual information illegally kept from the public eye.

One local paper has done its utmost to turn public servants into subhumans, leading the charge of allusions. It is okay to viciously attack public servants at any level because, after all, they are not really human. It is okay to allude to a vague something, fill in the blank spots with whatever heinous crime a public official may have ever committed, because they aren't like you and I. They aren't really "human".

With a dearth of evidence "shenanigans" is repeatedly screeched across headlines and in news stories. Retracted later, small print, page 15. Fascist point made, who reads page 15?

Don't fascist support government? Why are they attacking these people? Fascist love only their own. All else must be destroyed or controlled. This is for the common good, the greater good. The good that only they have the capacity to understand and through their leadership it will save us all.

Saved to live in their world. Heaven or hell? No worries, Fascists will also tell you how you should feel about it.